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2007-01-09 05:07:34
Anyone else notice this on the main web page?????

We were almost at 41,xxx,xxx

Now we down to 34,xxx,xxx

What happened?????
2007-01-09 06:30:23
If you're talking about the constantly changing counter on the left of the Muon page, looks like it is counting down, rather than up...
2007-01-09 07:01:05
Wonder what happens when it reaches zero... Maybe the website explodes?  XD
2007-01-09 07:59:43
37million and counting down now.... the timesteps one is counting down too!?
Stephen Brooks
2007-01-09 11:18:31
Seems back to normal when I look at it - just gone over 41 million.
2007-01-10 02:36:49

Who fixed it..............

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