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2004-06-02 05:08:54
hello stephen couldt you rename my acount.

now it is
must be

in the [DPC]NGS team.
thanks in advance
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-02 06:38:39
OK - I think [DPC]NGS already exists as a team, fortunately.
2004-06-04 03:01:32
Soory to bother you again stephen.
But we are now seperate from the dutch power cows.
As you can see there is on no.4 DPC
and on 15th DPC NGS

the meaning was (i did explain it wrong probaly)to be under DPC and then just NGS~Noon behind it .
The same goes for [DPC]NGS~Tube.
We,ll hope you can correct that.
sorry for youre time waste ,but thanks in front again.
Nice to be back here Smile
2004-06-04 09:42:45
The easiest solution to this is to simply remove [DPC]NGS from teamids.txt

Then they can't see their subteam stats anymore, but that may be implemented in the DPC stats in the future (though there are no such plans at this time).
2004-06-05 03:26:37
Thatt would be nice then Cool
2004-06-05 06:50:18
Stephen wuld you be so kind to rename [DPC]fenrir to [DPC]NGS~fenrir?

yes, another member of [DPC]NGS Smile
Stephen Brooks
2004-06-07 03:24:37
2004-07-05 08:13:05

could you merge Hydrox [] and Hydrox[] to Hydrox [] again pls? 

Thx Smile
2004-07-06 04:48:08
I did a small mistake while rejoining the project ... :
Could you rename Keller [] to Keller [] plz ?
2004-07-06 05:35:06
Originally posted by fenrir:
Stephen wuld you be so kind to rename [DPC]fenrir to [DPC]NGS~fenrir?

yes, another member of [DPC]NGS Smile

As being a member of [DPC]NGS as well, I appreciate if Hal9000 is renamed [DPC]NGS~Hal9000 as well...
Stephen Brooks
2004-07-12 08:33:48
OK, I think I've done all of those.
2004-07-19 14:43:02
Can you please rename
[DPC] Scoutlink DPC Force~ChiVeDev
[DPC]Scoutlink DPC Force~chivedev
2004-07-26 12:17:30
Can [DPC]Scoutlink DPC Force~chicedev be merged with [DPC]Scoutlink DPC Force~chivedev

Sorry for the screw up
Stephen Brooks
2004-08-05 03:02:34
OK, I've now renamed those
2004-10-01 03:40:46
hi all,
i joint yesterday but typed the wrong name in my user.txt is it possible to get my point to my new name
old name = pdc_bb_kattukk
new name = [dpc] bb_kattukk

Stephen Brooks
2004-10-04 01:44:46
OK, as long as you've changed all your user.txt files to say that new name, it should be the one that appears in the next update.
2004-10-04 18:21:53

Can you please merge Georgina with Georgina[]

Thank You

Stephen Brooks
2004-10-05 04:15:39
OK, done that.
2004-10-08 17:46:40
can you plz merge Deleenheir and [DPC]-Deleenheir into [DPC]-Deleenheir?  tanx anyway Razz
2004-10-17 06:22:06
I also have a rename request Smile

Could you rename [DPC] Team ColdFusion to [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Unassigned ?

Thanks in advance!
Stephen Brooks
2004-10-18 03:44:08
OK, done those.
[DPC] LittleB
2004-10-19 23:40:36
Hi, Stephen,

I've made a typefault in one username.  Roll Eyes Can you merge the results of [DCP] LittleB (and remove this account) with the results of [DPC] LittleB?

Thank you in advance
2004-11-25 13:36:47
Hi Stephen,

Can the following accounts be merged:

[DPC]CrazyCows to [DPC] Crazy Cows~The-Freak
[DPC]CrazyCows~Silk dude to [DPC] Crazy Cows~Silk dude
[DPC] SergioG to [DPC] Crazy Cows~SergioG

Thanks in advance.
Stephen Brooks
2004-12-01 06:58:22
LittleB, I don't have anything for you under the [DCP] name - they're all named correctly here.
[DPC] LittleB
2004-12-06 10:22:53
Hi, Stephen, I thought i made a mistake.  But thanks for checking.
2004-12-08 10:32:30
Hi S,

i made a mistake also Smile can you merge [DPC][DPC]En1 and [DPC]En1 Smile) thx m8
2004-12-09 11:02:46
I've got a merge request this time Smile

Could (the points of) [DPC] Team ColdFusion~RoeKoe be merged to [DPC] Team ColdFusion~Divisie Wijckel ?

Thanks in advance!
2004-12-20 02:48:15
*polite bump* Smile
2005-01-04 03:14:23
Did I request something that can't be done?  Still waiting for those two accounts to be merged... Smile
2005-01-04 05:37:10
Though this should have already een done, you'll have to be patient now because Stephen's on vacation now (I think).
Stephen Brooks
2005-01-04 08:39:03
[DPC][DPC]En1 either hadn't made a mistake or I'd already done it.  Sorry about the delay for the other one.  I think I put it off because it wasn't an obvious typo (and hence you might be 'stealing' someone's points) but I think as you're on the same team it's safe to do.

And if it's not, you'll have to deal with a cross team-mate Wink
2005-04-12 09:30:54
Hi Stephen.

I did make a mistake with a client,with the user txt.
It has been flushing on the name [DPC]NGS
It should be [DPC]NGS~Noon.
It is about two flushes i believe,but it would be nice if you could merge it with my account.

Thank you very much in advance.
Stephen Brooks
2005-04-18 04:50:47
OK, that should happen the next time the stats update.
2005-04-22 02:03:16

I see the AMD Users html address is still the old one.
could you update it to

appreciated.  Thanks.

2005-08-17 02:49:10
I need

AETiglathPZ [US-Distributed]]
AETiglathPZ [US-Distributed}

into AETiglathPZ [US-Distributed]

thank you
Stephen Brooks
2005-08-18 03:07:07
OK, done that now.  Will appear the next time it refreshes.
2005-08-31 03:19:45
I recently joined a subteam, could you merge both ID's?  Thanks in advance.  Merging on 1 September would be great.  New month, new start.

[DPC]Team AttiX

2005-08-31 06:38:23

can you please merge:

Flumsi [DPC]

to :
Flumsi [SwissTeam.NET]

2005-10-09 23:11:56
It has been more then a month ago since I requested a merge.

I know you are busy, but would you like to merge:

[DPC]Team AttiX

Stephen Brooks
2005-10-14 02:26:24
Oops - didn't see the new posts on this thread.  I've done Attix now, though I can't do Flumsi's as I don't transfer points between teams.
2005-10-14 03:03:40
Thank you very much!
2005-10-19 14:40:33
There is still someone flushing on my old account.  Can you also redirect the points to my new account?  I can't remember who is flushing.  Or can you provide me with some IP info about the flusher?  (in PM?)
2005-10-20 15:28:50
Hi, I set up a team for me and a friend.  Could you please merge:
[DPC] Haiya-Dragon
to: [DPC] Eclipse~Haiya-Dragon


to: [DPC] Eclipse~JJJ
Stephen Brooks
2005-10-24 05:02:13
OK, done that.

I can't really do anything about the "rogue flusher"!  I don't collect IP addresses so I wouldn't know who that is, and currently don't have a "permanent redirect" function for points.  So you're going to have to look for it!
2005-11-26 04:31:17
Hi Stephen,

could you please rename Team WAU into
[DPC]Team WAU.

Stephen Brooks
2005-11-30 03:48:49
OK, done that.  Make sure there are no longer any computers with just "Team WAU" in their user.txt.
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