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2007-02-24 23:29:20
I have 4 machines running muon1 and I was just wondering how long to keep running with my own results.dat file.

I have been downloading the best-sample files regularly, and I have a results.dat file approaching 1 meg.

Should I wait until 1 Gig?

Just curious as to what other users are doing or the best way to go.

Thanks, and

2007-02-25 11:03:14
See the last three posts of this thread:
2007-02-26 16:34:56
My main (old) desktop, been running dpad for years, with every major lattice file in it, was something like 75Mb.  alas, that hdd, and whole computer is currently messed up, but it was fun to wait 5 mins or so for viewresults to load, and to have the list of all 9 (or was it 10) lattices listed. 
2007-05-24 14:57:22
When it slows down windows startup too much I crop the file ,about 50-60MB IIRC
2007-05-24 15:07:23
I had some .Dat files at 400+ MB it does suck up the memory when they get that big
Stephen Brooks
2007-05-25 16:22:44
Yeah it's probably best to cut them down (or even remove) at that size.  Expect a feature to do this automatically in the next-but-one release of Muon1. I haven't made any releases this year, but I'm hoping to get the development version running in a usable way for distributed purposes too soon.
2007-06-21 12:54:32
How about when the lattice file changes?  For example we just went from PhaseRotD to PhaseRotDD.  Meantime we're still running DecayRotB.  It would seem beneficial to remove PhaseRotD results while retaining DecayRotB and PhaseRotDD.  Does anyone know of a way to easily do this?  Or, more importantly, would there even be any benefit to doing so.  It seems that all of those results are loaded into RAM, but are they being ignored?
2007-06-24 17:48:46
Its not a problem now like it used to be.  until my hard drive went kaput, my old results.dat had results from every single lattice run, and, since it covered some 3 1/2 years, took ages to load.

Now, it loads pretty quick, and doesn't make too much of a difference.  Also, the biggest problem used to be that viewresults would load the results.dat up each time for each lattice you looked at.  now it loads them up all at once at the start, and a good 3-4x quicker too.  Of course, my results.dat could have been much MUCH bigger, since in the old days, the samplefiles were added into your results.dat.  That 40Mb or so could quite easly have surpassed 1Gb, if I was using samplefiles (I don't, but i do do some manual designs, hence why i'm in neither "group" for phaserotDD)
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