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2007-03-25 22:32:44
Hi, recently when I've been trying to run muon1 it's been causing the usual error reporting window to show up in Windows and it seems to happen when it says "Reading CSV file". Now I do have Outpost Firewall on my computer which I need to uninstall and reinstall anyways to fix something with it (I need to get the presets back on some programs) but isn't being run when I run muon1. It could however still cause problems with it because I've had problems with World Community Grid even when I've "exited" out of Outpost Firewall.  As soon as I can uninstall Outpost Firewall I will check it again and give an update as to if it works without Outpost installed or not.
Stephen Brooks
2007-03-30 11:57:34
Are you sure you have the subdirectories (datafiles, lattices) extracted in your Muon1 folder?  It sounds like it might not be able to open the particle file.
2007-04-06 22:24:57
It appears to be the Outpost Firewall because when I ran it without it installed anymore there didn't appear to be any problems.
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