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Stephen Brooks
2007-03-30 12:09:34
I ended up answering some other threads, but the reason I came on here was to say that now the current HDD the Muon1 data is stored on is more than half-full: I bought a 320GB drive to replace it with (or possibly make into a JBOD array of both, though not too sure about that).  For historical reasons I pay for the Muon1 project storage myself rather than charging the lab for it, hence the modest disk size.

However, the group did have some money spare this year for general use, so I got two 3TB (RAID5, 5x750GB drives) NAS boxes, one for group backup, one for simulation output files.  The group backup one now backs up all the Muon1 data!  So if my one drive fails it is stored somewhere else.

What this means is there may be a pause in the stats generation today as I swap the disks over and copy the results from one to the other.
Stephen Brooks
2007-03-30 12:57:19
Actually scratch that, I'll wait until I get a new machine next month.  This current (2003) computer only has PATA ports for drives, and my new drive is SATA.  The new (2007) machine does both SATA and SAS.
2007-03-30 18:01:12
that 86,5 Gig, are those all the results of the entire project, or just from version V4.xx
Stephen Brooks
2007-03-30 21:16:22
That's the whole project.
2007-04-06 01:15:35
whats the spec on the '2007' machine.  Please don;t say Dell.
2007-04-07 14:55:01
riptide, you do realize that Dell does make some advanced server hardware, right?  Their cheap consumer stuff is just cheap consumer stuff, but they do have some that are "worthy" if you pay enough.
2007-04-07 19:28:03
i have an old PIII desktop as server of dell, works fine, uptime of 168 days as we speak
Stephen Brooks
2007-04-10 14:55:10
This 2003 machine was from DNUK.  The new one is from Dell because the IT support desk have some sort of special arrangement with them, and we didn't want to annoy them on this occasion because we wanted it to go through in FY06-07. Still hasn't been delivered though :|
Stephen Brooks
2007-04-10 14:58:02
The 2007 machine is a Xeon X5355 I think (quad-core at 2.66GHz).  There was the option to go to 2 socket (so 8 core) like the new Mac Pros, but that added about £1000 to the price and we thought it was excessive.  Sheesh, those will be some expensive Macs!
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