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2007-05-07 01:26:23
I shall be going offline soon and I dunno if/when I'll be back.
Was wondering......If I ran this offline for say 6 months would the work be valid/useful?
Would my workload run out....or does muon just cycle repeatedly through the work already downloaded?

Was thinking of keeping it running on the off chance that I may get online again...but if the work would be invalid?.........
Stephen Brooks
2007-05-07 02:37:44
Actually, it might be interesting to have a "separate" user with no input from the rest of the optimisation.  You might explore into new territory in those 6 months and find something new.  (It's not clear what the optimal 'partitioning' of the network in this way is).

Even if new optimisations have replaced the old ones by the time you submit, the old ones should still be credited in the stats.
2007-05-07 18:07:38
Stephen, helpful questions on this item: How can I use the actual client for about lets say, one month on a fast CPU without any lattice files and no network request?  What do I have to do for this?
Stephen Brooks
2007-05-08 17:45:51
I think you just issue the command muon1 -cfg:nonet and that rewrites the appropriate entries in config.txt.  Alternatively just set everything in config.txt relating to network connections to "No".

You will want to have *some* lattice files - I think you mean not updating them from the network (or retrieving sample files).
2007-05-08 18:26:09
For what reason are the lattice files necessary.  In former times there was no need of them, the client produces results by itself.
Stephen Brooks
2007-05-09 17:18:28
Errrrr, that was a very long time ago.  The lattice files allow Muon1 to be programmed to search many different design ranges.  Each different optimisation name like "PhaseRotD" uses a different lattice file.

You can, however, leave the lattice files you have there and go offline, and the program will continue to generate valid results for those.
2007-05-12 02:57:04
I mainly use my systems without any samplefile data, which is what I think this is talking about.  In some of the older lattices, its easy to see - everyones clustered at a similar percentage, an then theres a drop and a spread of results.  Theres a fair few of us, and i personally consider non-samplefile people to be very usefull, means not everyones concentrating around the current high 1-2 designs.
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