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2007-06-16 08:52:22
Hi there.

I'm not a newbie, I used to run this project a few years ago (just forget username now).

But Now I want to know where I can find team Ukraine stats?  And maybe I can remember my old username.

And another Q is - does client can connect thru authentication proxy?  I connect thru proxy that use my domain acc and pass.

It looks like in CAN'T connect (as it say on logs).
thats suxx...
2007-06-16 11:05:05
Here u can see all teams that are currently listed: [url][/url]. Can't help u with the proxy though.
Stephen Brooks
2007-06-20 15:27:22
The HTTP proxy feature I added only takes a proxy server and port - there is no support for autheticated/encrypted HTTP(S) proxies at the moment.

I've found the following usernames in the stats:

Ãā€¯Andrey Fenchenko (Ukraine)
Rilian (Ukraine)
Peret (Ukraine)

So far there is not a team - to produce the team, you'd have to decide if you want to use (round) or [square] brackets as your tag.  I'd suggest using (Ukraine) with round brackets because it's like team (Russia) - perhaps I can use round brackets for 'national' teams and square for tags like [OCAU].

If I add the team on that basis, you'd have to change your name in your user.txt files to "Death(Ukraine)" and then I'd change it over here.
Stephen Brooks
2007-06-20 15:32:10 shows the team so far.  You just have to rename yourself and tell me when the user.txt files are all altered.
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