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2002-09-09 07:41:54
I've got in the Past some Results from other people in our team.  There are (and in my results too) some mistakes.  For instance there are results without zsrc=... or without the "z" by zsrc and in one from px3 I missed the variable "d32l=...". What's the reason and what should we do with these results?

cu, proteino
Stephen Brooks
2002-09-09 11:47:34
I don't know the cause of these results - sometimes they even look like a problem with writing to the file (e.g. characters being lost) although I don't see why that should occur at all.  If anyone is causing the file to be written to from more than one instance of Muon1 at once, this will mess things up.  Fortunately v4.21 incorporates a mechanism that re-parses the results before they are sent, so most of the incorrect ones are actually removed and only data that is in the correct format is sent.  Even so, I once received data files with loads of NULL bytes in them, but after removing the NULLs they were OK.  I think some of this sort of thing is nearly inevitable when people are running a program on so many different setups.
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