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Frank Encruncher
2007-07-01 19:41:21
Happy Canada Day all!

What better day to start a new a team for Canadians, I'd like to have 'Canada' (Can) added to the list of teams.
The website is -->

Thank EH!
Frank Encruncher
2007-07-03 17:07:30
Please add me to Canada when you create the team.
2007-07-04 00:11:41
use for example [Can] or (Can) and put this in front of your username.
something like this:
[Can]Frank Encruncher / (Can)Frank Encruncher
[Can]Grizz / (Can)Grizz

change this also in your user.txt file and ask stephen then to merge the old and the new new.
Frank Encruncher
2007-07-04 02:18:26
I had set user.txt to 'Frank Encruncher (Can)' before I posted, now just waiting for Stephen to create team
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-06 12:58:30
OK, sorry, I couldn't create the team straight away because I was abroad (actually, for a few hours on the 4th I was in Canada...)

Here's the link for your team stats here.  Future users should all include (Can) in their name (in user.txt) and will become a member.

Grizz, do you want to become "Grizz (Can)"?  Wherever you insert the tag, make sure you've updated all your user.txt files to the new name and I can merge the points from your old one.
Frank Encruncher
2007-07-06 13:14:25

New Mexico to England if you came thru Alberta I could have waved at you.

Frank Encruncher
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-06 14:20:24
It was a bit to the East of that: London(Heathrow) -> Toronto -> Chicago -> Albuquerque on the way in and Las Vegas -> Toronto -> London on the way back.
Frank Encruncher
2007-07-07 01:18:20
I was hoping this wasn't going to happen but it did.

"Team Canada" belongs to another Canadian team
Can it be changed to just "Canada"

I know it can be confusing sometimes
I should have mention that in my request. 

Frank Encruncher
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-08 04:30:18
So why does it say 'teamcanada' in your website URL?  Oh well, sounds like this is going to be a long story.  Fortunately it's simple to change the displayed name, and I just have.
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