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Stephen Brooks
2007-07-13 09:26:26
They say they're going to shut off the power to our building over the weekend and computer equipment should be powered off to avoid damage.  My old computer would restart itself when the power came back on but I think this one requires me to manually push the button, so the stats will be unavailable from this evening until Monday (16th) morning when I can power the computer on again.
2007-07-14 03:55:20
Most newer ATX computers have an option in the BIOS setup to decide what happens when the AC power is coming back.  Setting this to 'Power On' should do the trick.
2007-07-14 06:01:42
Too late.  I'm sure Stephen's gone home hours ago.
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-16 09:40:55
Switched it back on now.
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-16 09:41:46
I'll see what I can do in the BIOS.  This not-self-powering-on feature is certainly an annoyance compared to my last computer.
2007-07-16 09:53:13
Good to hear Stephen!  How long till the stats start showing up?
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-16 11:04:18
Ah, it didn't finish the last count before I rebooted the machine to do that BIOS thing.  I'll leave it up for the rest of today to let it download any backlog.  I'd expect it'll be showing stats by this afternoon unless someone's dumped a gigabyte of results or something.

Thanks for reminding me to check the BIOS.  Turns out this new Dell workstation has a heap of different power options for suspend state etc. I selected the one to make it restore to whatever it was before (i.e. on or off) after the AC line comes back up.  This must mean it's "running" even when it's not running to be so intelligent, but never mind...
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-16 12:30:53
The status at lunchtime is that it's still downloading results; lots from amd.borg...
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-16 14:13:36
There it is, the first update has happened now.
2007-07-16 14:24:00
Lovely!!  Thanx Stephen!
Stephen Brooks
2007-07-16 16:58:14
Hmm!  I looked on the main page and the counters were going backwards.  Turned out there was just a partial upload of the rawstats.txt etc. files at one point, confused it.  With that removed from its recent log it's now going in the right direction again.
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