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Stephen Brooks
2007-08-11 18:12:12
On one of the chat boards right now there's the comment "1 for Minefield FF3". Do you think that's someone asking for a FireFox 3 team to be produced, or someone who just happens to be using FireFox 3 saying that it would be a cool idea to have a "Windows Minesweeper" style variant of BrowserWars?
2007-08-29 17:40:40
Hello, probably someone hoping for a FF3 team.  Usually people don't ask here but in chat boxes.
Some ask for googlebot to be banned (disallowing it to play), but yahoo is detected as mozilla, isn't it ?
For bots, personnaly, i don't really care.
Stephen Brooks
2008-04-12 21:37:36
Is FireFox 3 out of beta yet? 
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