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2007-08-25 13:25:09
My user name is [China]universebreaker,but my signature file shows my name as[China]universebreaker

How can I fix it?
Can anyone help me?
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-25 15:33:25
It's probably because your Muon1 client hasn't uploaded its first 100KB of results yet.  A few hours after this first happens, your points will appear in that image.
2007-08-25 16:07:16
The size of results.dat is about 10470KB and I have used the manualsend.bat to send the results,but it still show my name as "Unknown User" and the Mpts is still zero!
What's the matter?
2007-08-25 17:39:00
Results have been sent by you succesfully though, so I think u just have to wait a little longer .

[3] Fri 24Aug07 09:06:40 - (000797) Sending file x:xxxmuonv4.4x20070824-061942-zjyer-[china]universebreaker.bin
[3] Fri 24Aug07 09:06:40 - (000797) Sent file x:xxxmuonv4.4x20070824-061942-zjyer-[china]universebreaker.bin successfully (744 kB/sec - 21320 Bytes)
2007-08-25 19:29:17
Why I can't find my name in Team China?
There are 49 users and my name doesn't appear in there.
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-25 19:38:22
OK, I can't see why this is happening from here.  Your name doesn't appear to have been registered by the stats generator yet (though the generator is still running otherwise).  I am back in work on Tuesday and will look this up then.
2007-08-25 19:51:12
Actually I still can't believe that since I have let my computer to load moun1_cmdline.bat automatically from 18/8 (1200) to 22/8 (1200),when I was having a trip in Malaysia with my family.They still don't know it because the computer was booted up after we left home and switched off by using "switch off" before we came back!  XD
2007-08-25 19:58:14
I checked it last night and it said it has produced more than 2500 results(I can't remember the number since I have just restarted it to try to fix the problem two hours ago...).When I saw a post on in last day's afternoon and try to get my DPAD signature,I discovered the problem and shocked for a while~
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-25 20:15:50
Well, I'll see what I can do.  2500 results sounds quite a lot, hopefully it's not producing that many because of a problem in the configuration.

Anyway if I can't fix it on Tuesday you can e-mail me the results.dat (compressed!) But wait until Tuesday if you can.
2007-08-25 20:58:32
You mean the server didn't receive the results,isn't it?
I have updated the DPAD program few hours ago but I forgot to keep the results,bat!  ><

Finally,thanks for your help and I hope you can fix it easily.
I'll wait for your good news.
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-28 10:13:28
Well, the logs say the stats program downloaded files from you regularly from Aug 17th to the 25th, but there is no other mention of the files anywhere else in the system!  Either something's wrong with your files or something is wrong with the stats generator - I need to get a sample of some of your results.

Can you e-mail a copy of the file Muon1 produces when it tries to upload your results?  Preferably the .bin file that appears momentarily, if you can copy that before it disappears.
2007-08-29 15:28:57
I checked my signature banner this afternoon and it's ok now.[China]universebreaker

Do I still need to copy the .bin file and send it to you?
Stephen Brooks
2007-08-30 20:19:58
Well that means some results are coming through.  I don't know why you might have lost some earlier ones.  If you suspect results aren't being counted, send me some of the results that you're producing (or even the cumulative results.dat, which has all the results generated so far in it) and I'll run them through the stats generator by hand.
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