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2007-09-23 18:30:31
2007-09-23 18:40:55
boo!  , ok ignore first post.  Stephen: I was wondering if it is possible for you to isolate a few decayrotB results for possible tweaking.  When looking at the DecayRotB graph there are a few results that are quite different from the others in terms of mpts/run they are the small cluster in the area of just over 20 mpts and between .6 and .8 muon %. I am curious to see what these look like and how well they could be tweaked, or short of tweaking just placing them in a client solo and seeing where they go from there.  Is this something you can do easliy( i dont want to waste to waste your valueable time) and if so can I have access to the data. 

thanks for your time.
Stephen Brooks
2007-09-25 17:19:05

Yes it would be kind of interesting to do that, though I suspect these are just results that have "under-read" on Mpts rather than that they've really taken that small an amount of simulation time.  Somehow it looks like they're getting #runs=5 in their genome either without running 5 times, or they have been run 5 times but have only got 1 simulation's worth of credit for it.

It is possible to isolate these.  Unfortunately I'm in and out for the next week with unspecified amounts of jury service.  Will check back here when I get something.
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