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Stephen Brooks
2007-11-17 16:19:20
The old complete teams page on this site wasn't very good so I tried putting the bars back that some of you might remember from version 4.2 and before.

I think I'd like to make it nicer than this eventually, but this is a start.
2007-11-17 21:28:33
Stephen [DPC]NGS is a sub-team of DPC, so its not a stand-alone team.

i like the team stats-bar
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-17 23:55:24
For now I've just corrected the ranking, so [DPC]NGS doesn't have a number (coming between #8 and #9) but is still there for comparison.
2007-11-19 06:55:54
The Change is Great!
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-19 22:38:00
So when are you going to get a second member for your Muon1 team? 
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