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2007-11-26 02:00:22
Hi Stephan, I'm back!  I'm having a problems with Warning (Record rejectec ...) with the new lettcelist.txt which was changed to use only PhaseRotEby5 and
PhaseRotEb6, this happens when I first start processing.  Unable to process any more untill I hit Y or A, so my XP Box is idle so a lot of time is wasted doing nothing.  Also my Config.txt changes my settings from Priority for Background from B to N when I wish the programe to run Backgrond.  With Threads changing from 1 to Auto all by it self.  I must admit I may be doing something wrong!  Using Xp 3 Gig Prescott HT Asus P4S800 MX 1 Gig Ram.  Running 2 Muno programs on different partitions.  Have tryed everything I know to fix with no luck.  Help needed please.
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-26 12:40:22
I think it only does this if you're running in an interactive mode (commandline or graphical).  I'm pretty sure in background mode, v4.43d does not actually stop at those particular prompts, though I will check.

It sounds like it is trying to reset your config.txt to the default.  That is strange, it shouldn't do that.  Have you hidden file extensions?  Make sure you're not saving a config.txt.txt, or perhaps editing it in an editor that gives nonstandard linebreaks, saves as Unicode or otherwise renders the file unreadable.
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-26 12:41:23
I may remove those checksum prompts entirely in the next version (for cmdline and graphical versions of the client too) because they aren't actually necessary as my server checks the checksums also.
2007-11-26 23:27:59
Thank you for your quick reply.  I made a short cut to Muno1_cmdline.bat which I use to start the program.  ( I do like the Screen saver or interactive mode so that I can show the Grandchildren what you do).

Edit the Config.txt to this and then save!

Resolution (XxY or 'auto'): auto
Priority for background running ([N]ormal, [L]ow, [B]ackground): B
Threads (number or 'auto'): 1
Auto-send results ([Y]es, [N]o): N
Results upload method ('FTP' or 'HTTP'): HTTP
Use proxy server for HTTP downloads (server,port or 'no'): no
Auto-save interval (seconds; 0 for no save): 240
Update lattice files from web every N hours (0=don't): 24
Download sample results file after a number of days (0=don't): 3
Sample file behaviour - use [L]atest only, or [A]ccumulate: A
Sample file URL (.bin allowed):{lattice}_100.bin
Preferred lattices (comma-separated list or 'none'): none
TrialType ratios: Mutate=3;Crossover=3;Interpolate=3;Extrapolate=3;MuSpherical=3;MuOne=3;Extreme=1;LocalGrad=3;TopoSmooth=2;
Particles per extra thread (limits threading overhead): 100
Rechecks for best-so-far results (min.  5): 5
FTP command call: ftp -script.ftp
Use passive (PASV) mode for FTP transfers: N
Use old FTP calling method (as pre-v4.34; can hang, but more compatible with ZoneAlarm): N

Also I do not use the 100_result sample files.  Thanks. 
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-27 12:42:59
Why have you set Sample file behaviour - use [L]atest only, or [A]ccumulate: A and Download sample results file after a number of days (0=don't): 3 if you don't want to use the sample files?  At the moment your configuration will download them and accumulate them onto your results.dat file (I recommend only using "latest" for that option).
2007-11-29 01:47:14
Stephen.  I think I’ve found the problem with Records rejected.  In the queue.txt file there was a PhaseRotB done 4 times and above a PhaseRotEby5 done 3 times.  When Eby5 had done the 5 times.  Showed Records rejected error.  Had a look in the V443d folder, the queue.txt file had not been deleted.  Showed the PhaseRotB still there done 4 times.  Deleted the queue,txt file all been Ok 48 hours now.  Believed this was done when I was on line and the lattice files where changed to Eby5 and Eb6, deleting the RotB and RotDD.
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-29 11:14:16
Thanks for the information!

Still not sure what the problem with config.txt is though.  I'll make a note to check for this checksum "warning" behaviour in both the queue AND the sent results areas.
2007-11-30 03:48:30
I guess you meant DecayRotB, PhaseRotB has vanished quite some time...
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-30 14:25:10
Hmm I've found some rather odd queue.txt behaviour in the version I'm testing here (getting multiple queued results going at once).  It doesn't appear to be dangerous, just strange.  I'll try and sort it out, though this might mean 4.44 takes a bit longer.  There don't appear to be any showstoppers for it though any more.
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