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2007-11-28 15:34:52
Hello, if I understand this correct I need to post here to be able to create a team.
Could you please create BOINC.BE, I will use the prefix [BE] if this is still available (I have created a user.txt with [BE]BATKrikke in my installation]
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-28 16:49:00
OK, I've created that team, but it seems that your Muon1 program hasn't sent its first upload packet yet, so it will appear in the stats when that happens.
2007-11-29 09:05:31
I have just uploaded my first results (I only started this project yesterday).

I'll check again tomorrow.

In any case, thanks for the quick reply.
Stephen Brooks
2007-11-29 11:11:54
OK, you've now appeared and you can look at your team page or comparison graph with other teams.
2007-11-29 19:17:11
Thank you, I must say I really appreciate the fast response.
This is quite a change from several other DC projects.

Great job you're doing
2007-11-30 20:15:28
While you're at it, could you make a team [SabMag]?  The relevant website is

Stephen Brooks
2007-11-30 20:44:14
Yes, it's all ready; won't appear until it has any members with submitted results though.

Is there going to be a 2nd member of [BE]?
2007-12-01 05:33:42
I'm hoping to get more members but the BOINC.BE team is mainly focused on the BOINC projects.

Is it necessary for a team to have multiple members?
Stephen Brooks
2007-12-01 15:36:13
It's not necessary to have multiple members, I was just wondering. 
2007-12-01 20:12:36
I'll do my very best to add more members but I can't promise anything.
So many great projects and so little computers to put them on
Stephen Brooks
2007-12-02 15:10:34
SabMag now exists, has a team page.
2007-12-04 13:14:15
> SabMag now exists, has a team page.

Thank you kindly.  I'm going to try to drum up some more members for the team:
2007-12-04 15:33:22
At least I was able to get 1 additional member in my team, now let's see if I can get more

And great work pi3832 with the new team, you are going faster than we are
Stephen Brooks
2007-12-06 12:01:37
That's all good news.  I'm guessing the multiple "pi3832" are various different computers that you are tracking and you don't want them merged.
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