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2007-12-02 22:42:39
Just upgraded to IE7, and I'm wondering why I did.  It looks like it's a CPU hog.  I was watching my cpu utilization with only Muon1, and IE open to this site.  IE would gobble up to 95% cpu every so often, and cycled only down to about 50%.

What in the name of Pete could IE be doing to eat all that CPU???
2007-12-03 14:55:00
I think something odd must be going on there on your pc.  I just did the same and IE7 used up 5% max when browsing and 0% when idle (btw I use firefox on default).  Usually only plugins like quicktime and java are cpu cycle hogs.
2007-12-04 02:40:00
Seems to have settled down.  I'm not sure what was up - but it was weird.  I'll monitor utilization, but it looks pretty much normal at this point.  I disabled all of the useless add-on crap - and that made a big difference.  Should have just stuck with IE6.
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