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Ireland BOINC
2007-12-08 20:30:31
Could you possilly create a team called "Ireland" for me.


Having read some of the other messages, i have made my user.txt file with the user name [IRL]Ireland BOINC

So does this mean that people joining my team will just put [IRL] in front of their user name in the user.txt file?

Thank you Stephen,
John in Ireland.
Stephen Brooks
2007-12-08 21:12:10
I've just created that team and yes, you just need to have the [IRL] tag somewhere in your name to join the team.  The team won't show until someone has uploaded a batch of results.
Ireland BOINC
2007-12-08 21:30:11
Thank you Stephen.  I think i have some work running, its hard to tell though. 

Ireland BOINC
2007-12-08 21:56:08
I think the program is running because i can see in my "Task Manager" that Muon1.exe is running and using lots of processing power.  But that is my only way of knowing what is happening. 

If i try to run other files in the v443d folder, my PC goes bananas and almost crashes.  This is a screen shot of the "Oh Sod it" error I'm getting;

Any ideas?

Stephen Brooks
2007-12-09 00:58:47
Interesting, try going into config.txt and where it says Resolution, replace "auto" by "1280x1024" or whatever your resolution is.

The thing uses a routine I wrote to try and autodetect the native/highest res of your monitor.  Usually it succeeds, but sometimes a funny setup will mean the graphics card returns modes it can't do.

Muon1_background.exe will run "invisibly", only visible on task manager.  That's what most people use most of the time.  Read readme.txt for more on this.
Ireland BOINC
2007-12-09 02:07:44
Yes, that worked Stephen, well done.

I can now see the viewresults.exe file.  Lots of information, might take a bit of time to figure out what exactly its doing...LOL

But that is half the fun

Thank you,
John in Ireland.
Stephen Brooks
2007-12-10 16:42:05
Your team is now visible here.
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