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Stephen Brooks
2007-12-14 19:46:04
Just a note to say I've found some serious problems have persisted into the v4.44a client.  I'll have another go at fixing them on Monday, but for now I've taken down the download of the new version because after a certain number of simulations it stops producing useful results.

I haven't put v4.43d back up because I don't have a copy of the install files to hand here.  If you have them (RAR/ZIP etc.) and e-mail, I might be able to reinstate before Monday.
2007-12-14 20:57:53
2007-12-14 22:59:19
or for all te files
2007-12-14 23:05:13
sorry is the link
Stephen Brooks
2007-12-14 23:44:30
OK thanks, they'll be up until I've sorted out this new client.  It seems it has to be rolled out to everyone to find certain bugs.

Also the reason I don't have this file myself today is that I'm at home having a panic about last minute Christmas shopping (which I've not started) and it's not possible - or at least not easy - to access computers within the RAL firewall.
2007-12-15 01:35:45
How unsafe is the v4.44a version, optimizing with only the PhaseRotEb1a lattice, the program has just optimized to a new high of 2.961173% for only 1716.6 Mpts, and I would like to see if it will climb any higher, though with the results spread over 5 runs this may take some time:

2.959628,2.961586,2.962305,2.964764 (1373.2 Mpts) [v4.44a] <PhaseRotEb1a>

With results like this where the first trial is lower than the pseudo average of five runs, would it be useful, being able to set a tolerance in the config file, permitting the quarantine of sub-maximal trials?
Stephen Brooks
2007-12-15 01:39:39
I think the results are safe, it's just that the v4.44 and 4.44a tend to revert into this mode of spewing -2%/0Mpts "null" results after a few hours or days.  If you keep checking on your program it might be fine for you.
2007-12-15 01:52:41
Guess, I may be wrong in estimating that the next increment will take some time; next trial, quarantined:

2.972562 (339.6 Mpts) [v4.44a] <PhaseRotEb1a>

Again, a relatively low Mpts for the muon% (compared with those in the sample files), so looking good for further improvement.
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