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2007-12-18 00:10:21

Any particular reason for changing the naming convention on the "file formerly known as queue.txt?"

The reason I ask - is that Muon Cockpit looks at "Queue.txt" - not QueueCli.txt... and it renders cockpit mute during the quarantine.

Stephen Brooks
2007-12-18 10:48:28
Someone complained about the queues possibly interfering if they ran the graphical version and the background at the same time (not that I'd really advise doing that too much).  They are now queuecli.txt queuegfx.txt and plain queue.txt for the background version.
2007-12-18 13:18:22
ahhh... I see.  Thanks Stephen!
2007-12-18 14:36:00
I'm the someone, and I didn't complain.

In fact, I don't run the graphical and background version at the same time, the problem lies with the autosave.  Imagine you ran the client on graphical mode before.  It created a queue.txt and an autogfx.sav (graphical always saves when you exit).  Now you fire up the background client.  What now?  The queue.txt will be processed and deleted.  Kill the background task and run the gfx client again.  See the dilemma?  Right, the autogfx.sav is still tied to a queue.txt that doesn't exist anymore.  The client will fatally crash with a Failed to delete result out of non-existant queue.  Please note the other way around is also possible, except the bkg client will silently crash without you noticing for probably a long time.

My concern was not to have 3 queue files, it was about consistency.  If we have 3 autosave types, we need 3 queue types, or they will 'steal' each other's queues.  I'd be equally happy with just 1 autosave type and 1 queue type.  But then you'd really get in trouble by running more than one at the same time.
Stephen Brooks
2007-12-18 16:14:02
Thanks, that makes it clearer.  I had the item in my to-do list for months so forget exactly why it was a good thing to separate them but coded the feature anyway.
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