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2008-01-07 23:37:49

I have been crunching for [KWSN] and would like to get my team [SETI.USA] set up and crunching for them.

I have been crunching under the name [KWSN]

I understand that all I need to do once [SETI.USA] is set up is to change [KWSN] to [SETI.USA] is this correct ?

Thank you

Stephen Brooks
2008-01-08 15:14:58
Yeah, you change that in all your user.txt files and then any new points you send in will start going to [SETI.USA] instead.
2008-01-08 19:39:11

Thank you

Has the team been set up ?
Stephen Brooks
2008-01-08 22:13:28
It will appear once someone with the [SETI.USA] tag has uploaded some results.
2008-01-09 22:54:20

I noticed that SETI.USA is reporting now to the stats, but it is reporting as [SETI.USA] = how can I get it to report as SETI.USA ??

Thank you
2008-01-09 23:42:39

Also, Is there a way of combining credit from [KWSN] and adding them to my account [SETI.USA] ?

Not a problem if you can't just asking.

Thank you


Stephen Brooks
2008-01-10 10:42:48
I have to change the name of the team, it's quite simple to do, so now it should appear as SETI.USA without the brackets.  Unfortunately moving points from one team and then into another is not allowed, but new credit can always be added to whatever team you like.
Stephen Brooks
2008-01-10 10:43:58
The team stats page may now be found at:[SETI.USA]
2008-01-10 16:00:15

Thank you - you are awesome !!!

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