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2008-01-19 14:47:23
I finally got around to upgrading clients today and discovered CPU throttling. 

We have been running the client at background priority (using 'Priority for background running' to B in config.txt) to limit lag of applications, but we have noticed that we have more lag in our machines than we used to. 

Where I am sure this is due to anti-virus and anti-spyware software more than anything, I decided to set throttling at 90% to see if we can regain some response.

Things seem a little better so far, but I thought I would ask if any other users had experience with throttling?

2008-01-19 14:50:41
Hmmm, used refresh and got a DP!  Sorry about that!

I just wanted to add that these are single core, Athlon XP systems running XPSP2. I'll upgrade one of these days...

Stephen Brooks
2008-01-19 17:28:12
I've not really experienced any increased lag when running Muon1, even in the default "L" mode at 100% CPU.  The only thing I can think of is that perhaps you've got a small-ish amount of RAM (256 or 512M and Muon1 is enough to push the system over into thrashing to disk?  Though v4.44d's memory usage is better than before, staying below 70MB just about all the time and often much less (around 15M.
Stephen Brooks
2008-01-19 17:28:56
Er, the forum has turned MB) into megadudes.  You know what I meant.
2008-01-20 00:28:13
Plenty of RAM, just a slow machine it would seem.  Throttling did not appear to make a lot of diference in performance after all.  In fact, stopping Muon, anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall did not make much difference either, so I need to look for other causes, upgrade or reload.

Where is throttling useful, laptops?

Stephen Brooks
2008-01-20 01:13:17
--[In fact, stopping Muon, anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall did not make much difference either]--

Well, that's a relief to me anyway.  Is there much in Task Manager that has a large RAM (or CPU) usage?  There's also the possibility your registry or other places is full of junk.  Try running CCleaner (google it) and I think there's a RegClean as well.  Finally try typing "msconfig" in the Run... prompt and you'll be able to switch off some services and startup apps.  Actually looking for unwanted startup apps is a good idea (RealPlayer, QuickTime, Office quickstart, anything quickstart really), they're usually what has some of the worst impact on performance.

--[Where is throttling useful, laptops?]--

2008-06-04 02:04:30
Is there anyone in particular in India you wish to throttle?  Have you had a bad Help Desk call to Bangalore?
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