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2008-01-27 17:27:54
Since a few days there's someone from DPC with a client that keeps flushing duplicates every 4-5 minutes.  Not really a problem since I can block/ban such IP adresses from my ftp server, but the issue is that this can go on indefinately on a client that's 'stuck' and where the owner of those pc's can't be reached or the pc can't be traced.  I understand automatic flushing is a convenience for office pc's, but it would be somehow better if the Muon client could keep track of faulty uploads.

There would be no waterproof solution that fits all, but one could be that the client could be able to auto-terminate file uploads.  I had an idea like that the client saves the file sizes of the last number of succeeded uploads (say 20) and compares the current upload's file size with this list.  If too many times (say 50%) the file sizes (in bytes) match EXACT then the client would either terminate or switch to manual upload mode (last one would be preferrable because of automated startups). 

This prevents unnecessary strain on the ftp servers (logging), and the chance that uploads file sizes exactly match is at this very moment already very unlikely.  It would ofcourse not fix the current stuck clients but will prevent such happening in the future.
Stephen Brooks
2008-01-27 20:59:10
I wonder if it's stuck in the outer (simulations) loop or the inner (send/retrying) loop?  The inner loop ought to terminate after a finite number of tries.  The outer loop won't, but generally simulations don't complete in just 4-5 minutes, hence my puzzlement at this.

Yes, it would be a good idea to have a look at making this more robust.  The problem is that the client may just think it's been repeatedly unsuccessful at sending its results so is (quite legitimately) retrying every time, hoping a connection has been reestablished.  If I knew which of the two cases this was being caused by, I might be able to do something to tell it to take a break for 24 hours or whatever.

What version number is showing up in the repeated results?  (I suppose the client might not be this version if they had just upgraded).
2008-01-27 22:19:38
It looks like his connection times out and the client is in a send/retrying loop.  It just keeps sending the same bin file (2920 bytes big) over and over again but never downloads a signal_dat from my server.  There used to be the same results in every file a few days ago but right now when I convert the bin files it gives 0 byte text files (bin files from other users convert ok).  Somehow it looks familiar to last year's [TA]Crispy's problem.

For the bin file: <url=">

Below is just a snap from my ftp server log after I unbanned his IP (I erased client's IP number and hostname and replaced by XXX).  This keeps goin on for a few days now:

[5] Sun 27Jan08 22:56:57 - (001189) User MUON1 logged in
[4] Sun 27Jan08 22:56:57 - (001189) Receiving file c:\ftproot\muon\v4.4x\20080127-215701-jk0ez-[dpc]_eclipse~maversun.bin
[4] Sun 27Jan08 22:56:57 - (001189) Received file c:\ftproot\muon\v4.4x\20080127-215701-jk0ez-[dpc]_eclipse~maversun.bin successfully (26.7 kB/sec - 2920 Bytes)
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:00:17 - (001189) Closing connection for user MUON1 (00:03:20 connected)
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:00:24 - (001190) Connected to XXX (Local address
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:00:24 - (001190) IP-Name: XXX
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:00:25 - (001190) User MUON1 logged in
[4] Sun 27Jan08 23:00:25 - (001190) Receiving file c:\ftproot\muon\v4.4x\20080127-220029-0zn9l-[dpc]_eclipse~maversun.bin
[4] Sun 27Jan08 23:00:25 - (001190) Received file c:\ftproot\muon\v4.4x\20080127-220029-0zn9l-[dpc]_eclipse~maversun.bin successfully (26.7 kB/sec - 2920 Bytes)
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:03:44 - (001190) Closing connection for user MUON1 (00:03:20 connected)
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:03:47 - (001191) Connected to XXX (Local address
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:03:47 - (001191) IP-Name: XXX
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:03:48 - (001191) User MUON1 logged in
[4] Sun 27Jan08 23:03:48 - (001191) Receiving file c:\ftproot\muon\v4.4x\20080127-220352-2sx8p-[dpc]_eclipse~maversun.bin
[4] Sun 27Jan08 23:03:48 - (001191) Received file c:\ftproot\muon\v4.4x\20080127-220352-2sx8p-[dpc]_eclipse~maversun.bin successfully (26.7 kB/sec - 2920 Bytes)
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:13:50 - (001195) Connected to XXX (Local address
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:13:50 - (001195) IP-Name: XXX
[5] Sun 27Jan08 23:13:50 - (001195) User MUON1 logged in
[4] Sun 27Jan08 23:13:50 - (001195) Receiving file c:\ftproot\muon\v4.4x\20080127-221354-gz8yk-[dpc]_eclipse~maversun.bin
[4] Sun 27Jan08 23:13:50 - (001195) Received file c:\ftproot\muon\v4.4x\20080127-221354-gz8yk-[dpc]_eclipse~maversun.bin successfully (26.9 kB/sec - 2920 Bytes)

220-Serv-U FTP Server v6.3 for WinSock ready...
220 Welcome to Xanathorn's ftp space.  Problems please report to
USER muon1
331 User name okay, need password.
PASS xxxxx
230 User logged in, proceed.
XMKD v4.4x
550 /v4.4x: Permission denied.
CWD v4.4x
250 Directory changed to /v4.4x
200 Type set to I.
PORT XXX,224,162
200 PORT Command successful.
STOR 20080127-221354-Gz8yk-[DPC]_Eclipse~Maversun.bin
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 20080127-221354-Gz8yk-[DPC]_Eclipse~Maversun.bin.
226 Transfer complete.
2008-01-31 06:08:51
Hi Stephen and Xana

the same is of my FTP Server.

31.01.2008 06:52:50 - (001352) > 250 CWD command successful.  "/v4.4x" is current directory.
31.01.2008 06:52:50 - (001352) > TYPE I
31.01.2008 06:52:50 - (001352) > 200 Type set to I.
31.01.2008 06:52:50 - (001352) > PORT xx,xxx,xxx,xxx,225,185
31.01.2008 06:52:50 - (001352) > 200 Port command successful.
31.01.2008 06:52:50 - (001352) > STOR 20080131-055255-3XZuR-[DPC]_Eclipse~Maversun.bin
31.01.2008 06:52:50 - (001352) > asked to upload '20080131-055255-3XZuR-[DPC]_Eclipse~Maversun.bin' in ':\xxx\muon1\v4.4x\' --> Access allowed.
31.01.2008 06:52:50 - (001352) > 150 Opening data connection for 20080131-055255-3XZuR-[DPC]_Eclipse~Maversun.bin.
31.01.2008 06:52:50 - (001352) > started uploading '20080131-055255-3XZuR-[DPC]_Eclipse~Maversun.bin' in ':\xxx\muon1\v4.4x\'.
31.01.2008 06:52:51 - (001352) > 426 Connection closed; transfer aborted.  Error #10053
31.01.2008 06:52:51 - (001352) > finished uploading '20080131-055255-3XZuR-[DPC]_Eclipse~Maversun.bin' in ':\xxx\muon1\v4.4x\' - (00:00:01 - 0,000 KB - 0,000 KBytes/s).

Cheers Independence (alias SKAARI)
Stephen Brooks
2008-01-31 10:19:22
I think I've noticed this guy on my FTP server ( uploading from somewhere in the Netherlands.
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