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2008-02-12 10:57:45
I see the poor stats DB system has decided to take another quick sabatical or bursarie at some point after 6AM GMT.  They did so enjoy their last leave of absence the machines thought they would sneak another in while nobody was looking.

On a completely different note, what a jump in the V6 lattice results yesterday (11/2) 0.2xxxxx ish jump to 1.06xxxx what you feeding those machines on Xanathorn steroids/muons/luck possibly all 3 lol.  My guess it is a converted V1 result/re-calculation as i noticed yesterday it has no trial type listed for it.
2008-02-12 14:29:42
<img src="">

Fresh grass for my cow gives it real wings . I converted my best V1 result as in the normal way it looked liek it would take ages to go up, hanging for eons on 0.22x%.
About the statsgenerator, I think it's enjoying the unusual nice British weather .
2008-02-12 14:29:55
2008-02-12 15:16:24
That result did help nudge my clients from the .2 .3 results upto +1 results, it decided to assault the longer beamlines your result indicated may yeild a better %.

Feeding mine grass normally results in Zalman flower coolers getting rather clogged up, maybe i should be feeding it dry grass then it would go up in smoke instead of clogging. 
Stephen Brooks
2008-02-13 10:58:12
There was a bug on my screen when I got in today (wasn't here Tuesday), so I've cleared that and it should update soonly.
Stephen Brooks
2008-02-15 11:26:51
Hmm it happened again (results from Igel (Russia)).  The odd thing is I tried to replicate the problem by converting the results from binary manually with Muon1 and that worked fine, so now I've recompiled the stats script with different switches, in case that was causing the unstable behaviour.
2008-02-15 13:54:24
Just a quick thought Stephen, could one of those odd "nan" type results possibly cause this as some sort of side effect in your stats/DB script for converting binary?
I did one day have a error in result.txt data while it was trying to convert the result.txt (i dont remember exactly what the error msg said TBH) while trying to send some results in, it turned out to be one of those "nan" results causing the issue with mine, i removed it from the results.txt file and it did not do it again.
2008-02-16 14:35:28
This "nan" result caused Muon Cockpit (1.02) to die horribly with a Type Mismatch, FWIW.

nan (23.0 Mpts) [v4.44d] <Linac88MHz900MeV1> {759D61FF4AEF430E3A63E5F9}
Stephen Brooks
2008-02-23 20:10:14
I think the recompilation stopped the stats script from crashing on converting that binary file.

Yes, "nan" results cause Muon Cockpit to have a bad time.  Fortunately the "nan"s aren't in a critical area to the optimisation.  I believe I've fixed the thing causing them in the current code, now I just need to find some time around writing my thesis to get the other feature I want for v4.45 in!
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