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Stephen Brooks
2008-02-23 20:19:18
I'm wondering if the Linac optimisations are taking longer per result so the frequency of sends is becoming less.  My laptop seems to be sending much less frequently than before.  It certainly will take longer because the linac is much longer than anything we've done before.  Although it's good not to send so frequently the network gets bunged up, having a week between sends is a bit too far the other way!  I'm not sure if I can think of much to do about this before new version.  Maybe send should be triggered on a certain number of Mpts...
2008-02-23 21:41:50
One idea I've recently had, is, if a generated result is higher than any in your current sample files, initiate a download of the latest sample files, and if this result is still greater, then initiate a send, this would prevent potentially valuable results languishing on machines for a number of days.
2008-02-24 03:02:50
A Linac88MHz900MeV6 5-time recheck can take up to 10 hours on my rig, I don't wanna know how long it takes on a single core machine...
2008-11-15 10:25:24
*ahem* a reminder Stephen
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