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2008-05-05 17:17:55
Stephen are you alive?  The statsserver seems to refuse going back to work after the holidays (since 3 days ago) and there's no trace of you either .
2008-05-06 07:07:24
Maybe he went away for the long weekend?  (back to work today ).
Stephen Brooks
2008-05-06 11:16:26
I was at a meeting Thursday-Friday and then Saturday-Monday was a 3-day weekend.  I didn't check on the server until I saw this message last night.  For some reason the FTP utility (ncftp) the stats script calls had crashed, with a "Send Error Report" Microsoft box and that stops the scheduled task from running.  Just clearing the box seems to have got things back to normal.
Stephen Brooks
2008-05-06 11:21:54
I've now set it to "Stop task if it runs for more than 6 hours" though this could cause it to thrash if an unusually large number of results were sent in at once (that take more than 6 hours to count).

Also updated from NcFTP 3.1.6 to 3.2.1 in case that solves anything.
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