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2008-06-18 22:36:01

firefox 3 final is out, I think some of us would be glad to see a new FF3 team (currently, FF3 displays a FF1 icon).
thanks for games, this is really a nice game.  Very nice coding !
Stephen Brooks
2008-06-20 19:35:21
OK, I've made a FireFox 3 team, it might not show up on all boards immediately (should do when it wins though).
2008-06-23 00:16:26
Wow, thank you, this is great !
2008-07-08 21:07:37

How do I capitalize Firefox?  How do I abbreviate it? 

Only the first letter is capitalized (so it's Firefox, not FireFox.) The preferred abbreviation is "Fx" or "fx".
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