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2008-07-31 01:33:59
Hello Stephen,

Sorry for my bad English, it is not so good as it was, when I left school 20 years ago.  ;.)
I` am now crunching for Muon ( again ) and for my Team Setigermany.
Can you tell us something over the new Lattices Linac900Removable1 and 6 ?
Why there are created, and what is the difference to the other Lattices?

greetings [SG]pit-v
Stephen Brooks
2008-07-31 09:13:59
The other two linac optimisations were trying to shorten certain sections of the accelerator to the minimum length possible, so I allowed the length to go all the way to zero if necessary, to find where the true optimum is.
2008-08-02 01:07:45
Hello Stephen,

thank you for your fast and interesting answer.
Greetings from Germany

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