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2008-08-13 23:46:56
Hello, I remember a while ago on the stats page there was info about the baseline results being x.xx% better then computed results, but they aren't there anymore.  Are the computed results now all better then the baseline results, and the project is now trying to find even better configurations?  Or has it moved onto trying to improve something else?

Stephen Brooks
2008-08-14 11:36:22
Sometimes I don't have evaluations of an appropriate baseline in the same "measure" as the current optimisation is using.  Some of the previous "baselines" have actually been previous optimisations (so I'm seeing if it beats the last one).  I might be able to work out something comparable for these - Linac88MHz900MeV# didn't have a comparison.  Linac900Removable# would have been trying to beat that, but I'm running them in parallel rather than finishing one and starting the other.
2008-08-18 07:20:04
How is the overall progress of the project, how many subsections of the accelerator have we been trough.

When will our calculations have a direct impact.
2008-08-23 17:48:47
You might find some info you're after in my thread here -
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