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2008-08-14 19:50:44
Here is my little wishlist of Think I like to see in muon
1.) First of all a Linux client.  I don't use Windows anymore, and while running muon with wine works it still is not what I want to with a Programm that practiclly runs 24/7. Also the Linux users of yoyo@home could run muon which would give the project another boost.
2.) while running with -once option, I'd like muon to create some kind of status file which indicates if muon is still runnig so, so other project simply can look if this file exists to check if muon is still running.

that's it for now. 


2008-08-14 20:06:59
For integration in yoyo@home and based on the wishes of the Boinc users I would like
- a Mac, PS3 or CUDA version and versions for 64bit systems (Win, Linux)
- a command line version which dumps some stats every 20 seconds, which I can parse to create some basic Boinc screen saver
- a picture of the designs which we currently crunch

Stephen Brooks
2008-08-15 10:40:19
I'm stopped with development while I write my PhD right now, but I've managed to get some Linux programs compiling with graphics under OpenGL now.  For Muon1 I still would need to get the network side converted, though, plus a few miscellaneous Windows API calls like checking the battery status of a laptop, or producing a popup message.

Compiling for the Mac appears very hard unless you physically have an Apple Mac that you can use.  I haven't found a cross-compiler anywhere.  Does anyone know of a version of gcc that cross compiles to "Mach-O" format executable files as used by OS X?  I am not talking about the -arch ppc/-arch i386 thing, there's a second issue of the overall EXE file format, and the Linux gcc spits out ELF format binary files.
Stephen Brooks
2008-08-15 10:43:47
There seems to be a common idea about an output status file.  I didn't do this because generally the disk access would slow everything down if it was particularly large or frequent.  For Hydrox's purpose of knowing when the simulation has terminated - just check for the modified date of queue.txt or results.txt changing after your call to muon1 -once.  That shouldn't really be any slower than reading a file, and works with existing versions.  yoyo has a specific need for output data - can you grab the output of the console?  That would at least give the time and number of current particles.
2008-08-16 19:21:15
I can grab the console output, but I must redirect it into a file and read the file.  There is a lot written to console and the file will be very big.
2008-08-18 22:03:28
I gave yoyo's wishes for some stats to provide to BOINC, and here is my ideas (not even sure this is possible on Windows, as most of my development has been on Linux).

Use shared memory
1) Make a wrapper for muon1.exe, that redirects "console" data into a shared memory
2) Make a stats program, that reads this memory, and "flushes" data that isn't needed for providing BOINC with stats

-- this has the possibility to use "huge" amounts of system memory, and one might want to build in some kind of memory boundaries in the wrapper.

The other approach would be something like this:
1) Make a wrapper for muon1.exe, that redirects "console" data into a named pipe (sometimes known as a fifo file)
2) Make a stats program, that reads from the named pipe when run.

I know "named pipes" exists in Windows, but not sure if there is possible to use them as a file substitute (they're mostly used as replacement for networking using TCP/IP and such).

Just my 2 øre

2008-08-18 22:05:43
... and my brain seems to be in some kind of mental jet lag; I tried to say that I thought about yoyo's wishes, not that I in any kind of way "gave" them
Stephen Brooks
2008-08-19 14:11:22
Windows has interprocess messaging to a certain extent, though it might be better to do this via a file (which is from stdio.h - POSIX?  - so will exist in other OSes too).

If you prefer I could just save a bitmap screenshot every N seconds, but that might take a lot of time with the disk access.  It would help if I knew exactly what data you wanted out of the Muon1 console.  Right now it just has simulation t=N.NNns and the number of active and total particles.  Surely that can't be a "large" amount of data to process?
2008-08-24 19:54:17
A bitmap screenshot every N seconds (N configurable) is a good idea.  Than I can display it in the screensaver.

The data on the console is also OK.  But if I redirect it into a file it will be very big and it must be parsed.  So I would prefer to have these data (t, active-, total particles) every N seconds in a own stats file.  I will read it and display it on the screensaver in a bouncing box.
2009-10-09 23:05:37
I'm still eagerly waiting for a linux-client (perhaps with gpu-support?).
2009-10-19 11:40:49
I would also appreciate to have a Linux client.
2010-01-16 14:44:30
Does muon1 have any SSE optimisations?  If not then that's on my wish list .
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