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2008-09-11 03:49:49
While I still mourn the cancellation of the Super Conducting Supercollider here in Texas (about 80 miles from my home), at least they did get the Large Hadron Collider up and running.  Just wondering if you had visited lately?
Stephen Brooks
2008-09-13 00:25:00
I haven't been to CERN this year, but got on a tour about this time in 2007. I got to see the under-contruction ATLAS detector and the opening of the main LHC ring.  We couldn't go into the LHC ring at the time because the main dipoles were being delivered to their positions by robots that follow a line drawn on the floor.  The robots carry tens of tons and do not make allowances for tourists in the tunnel.
Stephen Brooks
2008-09-13 00:26:05
Of course it'll be even harder to get into the LHC tunnel now while they're running it.  There might be a chance in a shutdown and then it'll be essential maintenance staff only because they'll all get a radiation dose.
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