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2008-10-06 03:17:48
Looking at an article ( about an overpriced but potentially interesting add-in.  Stephen - any chance that Muon1 could run on a quad core Cell Processor?
Stephen Brooks
2008-10-07 22:48:40
I thought the Cell had 8 cores?  Maybe that one doesn't. I think the real exciting bit will come when the graphics cards support double precision arithmetic, I'm definitely going to have a play with CUDA and/or ATI's thing and/or any unified implementation that comes around, once the mainstream cards (and not just specialist equipment) start supporting that.  We may be able to purchase some of the cards at work, but I'll have to check what the actual capabilities are.
2009-04-15 09:52:46
I wonder if you've had any time to play with this idea? 

I think CUDA would give your software a huuuuuge performance boost!

2009-04-15 13:58:01
Brook+ too
2009-04-17 08:13:14
GPUs still lack true double precision support.  It can be implemented with some trickery, but then the vast majority of the performance gap between the GPU and the CPU shrinks to negligible levels.

Hybrid simulations are possible.  I'm not sure how beneficial that would be for muon1, as I am guessing the overwhelming portion of the simulation calls for high precision.
2009-04-19 14:07:48
The double precision thing is a show stopper for many potential projects. 

I've seen some discussions about how to work around this, and there seem to be more than one way, and some might give a larger impact on the overall performance than others..

My guesses is just due to the overall performance on GPUs, and is not rooted in any real facts I would love to have a glimpse of the muon1 code though, but as far as I've been able to gather, Stephen has no plan of opening up the code.

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