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Stephen Brooks
2008-10-16 11:00:19
I just got a circular saying the power is being turned off for some electrical maintenance in this building on the weekend of the 8th-9th November.
Stephen Brooks
2008-11-04 20:25:09
I'm also leaving for a meeting at Princeton University tomorrow morning (5th), coming back on Sunday (9th), so should something go wrong before the power-off I won't be able to fix until afterwards anyhow.
2008-11-09 10:40:39
Thanks for the heads up Stephen.
Stephen Brooks
2008-11-10 14:29:19
It turns out the server going down at 9pm was due to someone in the office turning the machine off rather than the actual power outage, which probably would have been for a shorter duration.  Unfortunately, as he's probably turned it off at the wall, the automatic restart on power that I configured will not work.
2008-11-15 10:51:50
Doh!, you need to put a sign on the wall saying 'Do not turn off!' , & for when they have to PAT test it ask them to turn it back on. 
Stephen Brooks
2008-11-15 16:15:56
Yeah I've put a sticker on the plug after making myself unpopular with the guy who switched it off, who doesn't seem to understand why it was a big deal...
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