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2008-12-19 00:20:35
If you look at these stats, & then hit 'quarter' & then 'year' you'll see a large drop of active crunchers in teams during that time, and looking at that list it seems their are precious few crunchers left.

Going by the 'overall' stats*&team=*&sortby=Mpts&user=*&oldness=2190 ,going from the last quarter to the past month 82 users having stopped crunching leaving just 141 active crunchers for the past month!, if it were to continue like this DPAD will be dead in the water in 2mths!! 
Now I don't suppose it will because many of the remaining will be hardcore DPADers but surely this must be significantly hurting overall project speed?
How far off do you think we are from 'finishing' the work?

Also TA is the 2nd largest team of active crunchers, & we only had 15 active crunchers over the past month!

Is DPAD dieing? 
2008-12-19 08:28:54
There were 100 user which returned at least one simulation in last 24h via the Boinc system.
Universal Creations
2008-12-19 14:21:52
Some active users at DPC are collecting results for a Megaflush.  After that, they will be more active at daily basis.
2008-12-19 17:40:21
Good point, I had forgotten BOINC, good to hear there's some coming from there .
And good to hear that other DPCers are still going..... trying to catch us back a? 

However neither of those points change the fact that that number of active crunchers has dropped a lot in the past year.  Even if you factor in the 100 users under BOINC then over the past year (well 11 mths) the number of active crunchers has nearly halved!  (469 down to 241)

Where can I see the BOINC DPAD stats breakdown?
Stephen Brooks
2008-12-20 02:01:11
A load transferred to BOINC, making it difficult to compare like-to-like in this case.  Also the quarterly figure is _always_ bigger than the monthly figure by 50% or so.  I guess that's because there's always a revolving door of people coming and leaving.

I noted with some amusement that even if the number of users is decreasing by 10% per year, the total computing power would still go up because each person's computer is getting faster!
2008-12-20 17:23:58
Yea ever increasing CPU power rocks

So to get a decent idea of overall active users we need to know how many active BOINC DPADers their are over at least the past month then.

Yoyo, any idea?
2008-12-21 23:30:37
In the lower left corner you can see here how many user returned some muon results.
2008-12-22 12:57:09
Yea I see, but it is only for 24hrs, have you any accumulated stats for DPAD?
2008-12-22 19:03:15
No.  I delete the results from my DB to keep the DB small and performant.  But you can see in the lattice stats how much % is delivered by Boinc system.
2008-12-23 00:18:03
Lattice stats?? 
Does it show the number of users?
2008-12-23 08:31:37*&user=*&oldness=730&sortby=Mpts

It does not show number of users, but it shows, that boinc provides 16% of all Mpts for this lattice.
2008-12-23 08:44:00
Currently I hold results for 30 days.  I made some sql queries on my DB:
users with muon results in:
- last 30 days: 456
- last 7 days: 288
- last 1 day: 75
2008-12-23 13:43:09
Ah now that's more like it , & going by those figures (30days mainly) then the overall number of active users over the past year is actually up! 

(DPAD) 241+456 (BOINC wrapper) = 697 vs 469 ~1yr ago

Well good to know I was wrong & that DPAD isn't dieing overall
Assuming that the BOINC wrapper wasn't running 1yr ago, when did it start?

Btw I don't get it, why have so many people switched to BOINC?
2008-12-23 19:18:37
Muon integration started on 8. March 2008.
I do not think, that much people switched from native DPAD to Boinc.  I think the Boinc users are mainly new to the project.
Stephen Brooks
2008-12-24 18:01:37
It's also harder to compare because more of the BOINC users are only doing Muon1 25% or 10% of their time (BOINC allows users to split CPU power many ways).
2008-12-31 13:37:43
Yea I know about the BOINC resource split, I was mainly thinking of the number of active crunchers.
Which regardless of whether it's users switching to BOINC or new users numbers seem to be up .
2009-01-20 12:46:52
My opinion in the other post, about the state of DPAD, is still that this project needs an overhaul.
Page (ext page?), information, client etc. (maybe a boinc duplicate ?(outside boincwrapper)).

And could use some upgrading in the client (that would be a plus).
2009-01-20 20:55:15
I know a lot of cruncher which want to have a Linux and 64 bit client in Boinc.
2009-01-28 07:47:24
where can i get the bionic client?  URL and directions please?  is somethign special to be done to get it work for muons?

where can isee my results on this website?

is results.txt the info that is sent back or any other too?

send log snippet:

20081229-181748 50 results sent to
20090105-154750 50 results sent to
20090114-123405 50 results sent to
20090121-000254 51 results sent to

is this average, good or bad?  i have muon running at 80% throttle but have apcahe, mysql running too
i have another PC running muon too but that is on 3-4 hours in the day only
had installed muon on a work PC but might have been removed - i quit back to working from home.

2009-01-28 21:52:51
- Download and install Boinc:
- Attach with Boincmanager to
- Choose Muon afterwards in your personal preferences
2009-06-23 15:51:48
is the number of people muon going up?
2009-06-23 15:52:03
* is the number of people running muon going up?
2009-09-06 13:18:51
Yea it seems to be, look at the 2nd to last post by me & yoyo for some numbers (excluding this post ).
2009-10-21 07:54:09
Hi, I just did a MegaFlush as my DPAD clients are sneakernetted.  Still got two dual-core machines crunching 24/7.
Stephen Brooks
2009-10-21 14:44:10
What lattices are they running?  Hope you let the program update those when you can connect them to the internet.
2009-10-24 01:36:37
Well some old timers(me) are back at dpad.  I recently got a new quad so I am back at it.  These things go in waves.  Users go up, users go down. 
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