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2008-12-20 13:32:04
i would love if i can specify that when my laptop is in use (not locked OR some acticvity in last x minutes - whatever windows API can tell u ) that the max CPU usage should be value1 and when the laptop is locked / idle it can be value 2.

2008-12-22 13:01:08
I assume you know about the following feature which was brought in to v4.44?
From version history:-

"CPU throttle" configuration switch, to run Muon1 at less than 100% load, either for sharing with other DC projects or to keep systems stable when they have insufficient cooling. 
Stephen Brooks
2008-12-22 20:11:44
I'm not sure why you'd want this feature?  The point of Muon1 is to run when using the idle CPU cycles, so reducing the usage when the computer is idle seems a bit pointless.
2008-12-23 00:16:47
Maybe he wants it to use less CPU power when he's using it & more when he's not?

Although I still can't see why he'd need that as DPAD doesn't cause lag in anything I've used before.Maybe he's got an app that does get lagged by DPAD??
Universal Creations
2008-12-26 02:59:11
There are some applications that are lagged by DPAD (what i've heard...).
But there's another reason for throttling down the CPU-usage: Heat!  Especially with a laptop, the heat from a cpu at full load makes the cpu-temperature easily rise to 70 degrees Celsius.  And off course, the power it uses, but that can also be controlled by other software (throttling down the cpu-frequency).
Stephen Brooks
2008-12-27 17:55:12
Heat, yes, but does this mean he wants his laptop hotter when he's using it, or hotter when not using it?  I guess an anti-lap-burning feature is possible.
Universal Creations
2008-12-28 02:18:19
The hotter the cpu, the louder the fan is.  In laptops tiny fans are mostly being used, so they make an irritating whining noise.  So, when he is using the laptop, I think he prefers a more quiet laptop.  Especially when idle, any distributed project works at its best, so dpad than has to throttle up to the max.
2009-03-21 14:37:51
well its more about just making sure that my other exes are not affected at all.

like if using some java process want to be able to throttle muon at 60% so i can monitor that my other exe is not hogging things

anyway i have another way just kill it, change the setting and then restart but dont always remember to change it back.  would be nice if it was just a setting so when i leave the pc ( i usally leave it on at night just so muon can continue to run)
am sure its using all the available power.

perect would be 4 variables : max % to use when :-

1. computer in use, on main power
2. computer in use, on battery power
3. computer idle, mains
4. computer idle, battery
2009-03-21 14:52:47
Sleep on battery power
could be a y/n or a percentage so y/n == 100% or 0%
2009-03-21 14:59:34
and the loud fan thing - sorry just remembered why i started this thread ... been a while yes the fan was making a loud whirring sound.  anyway if its not too tuff pls add the above four vars mallard!
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