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2009-03-21 14:33:27
muon crashes when i switch users on XP windows version 5.1 SP 3

workaround - dont switch users or kill muon before u switch and then start it again with the new user ...

you dont realse its crashed until the orignal user switches back or you check the task manager.  need a seperate muon monitor like we had with UD few years back
2009-03-21 14:57:11
using latest muon 44d
2009-03-21 15:02:16
it does happen if you switch quick - i suspect crashes when it tries to save.

also if its relevant - both users are admins

user 1 installed (copied and set up short cut in all users start up)

user 2 started system/ muon 1 that day

then user 1 switched and later back to 2 when saw its crashed
2009-03-21 19:39:25
just a thougt are both users using the same muon dir?
they both trying to acces the same file
2009-03-22 09:31:56
yes they are but only one runs - can see in the task manager the task started by the first logged in is running.  but i think muon is smart enough about that - if u click the short cut twice as same user or as different the 2nd one exists when it finds an earlier version running

the error message is :- "[FATAL] Failed to delete result of non existant queue"
Stephen Brooks
2009-03-25 16:13:48
Sounds like you end up running 2 instances that interfere with each other, or perhaps one becomes "dormant" while another runs.

If you have 2 users, it's best to give them each their own separate Muon1 installation.
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