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2009-03-21 14:42:38
is there a way to make muon shutdown cleanly?  anyting besides killing the background task muon1.exe in the task manager?

feature request if its not there.  thank you
2009-03-21 14:51:57
fyi clean == save what ever your doing so nothing lost or save as much as you can ...
2009-03-21 18:57:36
autosave in program saves as much as it can
2009-03-21 19:40:24
you lost at normal install max.  4 min.  of work
2009-03-23 14:37:46
if you mean that i only lost 4 minutes then ok great.  i guess its got to do if auto save/ save after time

Auto-save interval (seconds; 0 for no save): 240

2009-03-23 14:38:57
but if someone has the time to make a little add on exe that sends it a stop now event / message via tcp windows DDE (and muon can react to it only if its from local host) then be nice
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