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Stephen Brooks
2009-04-01 16:23:21
Very nice panoramas:
2009-04-10 09:51:26

I wonder how repairs are going on?, I hadn't realised how much damage had been caused by the Helium breach until I read an old New Scientist this week.
2009-04-11 22:29:06
The engineering aspect of all of it is just awe inspiring.  The more details that I look at in those panoramic images (love the zoom in ability), the more impossible it seems that something so complex can be conceived and actually built.  It's just plain amazing.
Stephen Brooks
2009-04-14 14:58:46
Most, but not all of it is high-tech.  I just read after the explosion on September 19th, they are cleaning soot out of the beam pipe using a bit of foam soaked in alcohol. 
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