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Ray Robertson
2002-06-02 06:32:23
Hi All,

I have just tried V4.11 on a 4 processor Windows 2000 machine.  I found that what ever I do it appears to use only 1 processor (or the equivelent processor time anyway).

I have set the number of threads to 4 but only get 25% CPU usage, if is set the number of threads to 1 nothing I get the same results.

Looking at Task Manager it appears that the load is spread accross all processors but none of the processors is loaded to capacity.

I have only tried the background program at present but I will see if the main program is any different.  Has any one else out there had any issues on multi-CPU systems?

BTW in case you were wondering, the server I'm using is used for processing website stats and is only really used in the early hours.  The rest of the time it sits idle.

2002-06-02 07:27:17
i have a dual cpu machine, i run the background exe twice from the same folder.  also run from that folder to network PC's. all runs okay, and never had a problem with the result.txt being dammaged.  make sure that you set the priortiy (in config.txt) to (L) low.  it should run okay like this, good luck.  big grin big grin

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Stephen Brooks
2002-06-03 10:31:24
I didn't have an SMP machine handy to test the SMP feature on, so it was a bit of an unknown whether it would work or not.

There might be something odd like "Process CPU affinity" that I also have to set to get it to work properly across many CPUs.  I tended to think the threads would be separate but it seems not.  Probably the best thing for now is to try running multiple instances, but back up your results.dat and results.txt occasionally so they don't get corrupted.

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