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2009-04-26 22:38:45
Wth is this about?, not sure if this is a bug report really but I though I'd better find out.  Here's the full txt

t = 1936.48ns (1/70230 particles) 1862.0 Mpts
Quarantined result has now been run 2 of 5 times
[WARNING] Result version (0.000000)<MINVER(4.300000)
Continue (Y/N/These/All)?


This stalled the client & I had no idea what it was asking me (we really should have some documentation for these messeges), so my 1st answer was 'Y' which just repeated the messege so next I chose 'T' which it then scrolled off the page the above warning & then started a new simulation.

What happened?  S?
2009-04-26 22:40:24
Grrr damn no edit function!! 
Stephen Brooks
2009-04-27 16:13:10
Looks like you've got a broken result in one of the files Muon1 is trying to read from.  Check your results.dat and samplefiles.  Clear out the samplefiles if necessary.
2009-04-27 20:54:26
I would check queuecli.txt aswell... As your client obviously is in the middle of a quarantine run.
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