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2009-12-10 13:27:08
Not many results returned for the new lattices, or is the server not recognizing the new results and rejecting them as invalid?
Stephen Brooks
2009-12-10 14:51:40
I think Windows 7 isn't allowing the script permission to create new folders for the new lattice results.  I've just changed the permissions on that disk (again), see if that helps.
Stephen Brooks
2009-12-10 15:17:27
Scripted network downloads (HTTP) from my programs aren't working either, though FTP is OK, probably something to do with Windows 7. I've found a temporary fix and also restored some "lost" results for the new lattices that the script had been moving to a junk folder.  It's also possible my HTTP routines just have a bug in them that only manifests on Vista/7...
Stephen Brooks
2009-12-10 15:33:15
Aha... Hadn't entered my work network proxy settings into IE on the new install.  That sets the proxy values in the registry, which is what my HTTP library looks at to determine if there is a proxy set.  Unfortunately the Opera browser just does its own thing rather than using the global setting.
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