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Stephen Brooks
2010-02-10 20:44:17
If any of you have a file in your lattices folder called "title.txt", please delete it.  I reconfigured my webserver a bit and today Muon1 was picking up part of the content management system as a lattice.
2010-02-11 00:42:45
Just noticed my Muon not running.  Just said No to the cmd line q and restarted Muon which worked.
Stephen Brooks
2010-02-11 20:49:24
Bicubic (Russia)
boinc (Boinc Wrapper)
David Bass
Ilya (Ukraine)
Stephen Brooks (Russia)
[DPC]Universal Creations~AoHxBram

...have all submitted "results" with the <title> lattice, so they should check their client is still running too.
2010-02-12 19:00:39
I've informed TA.

Lol, I've just noticed you've listed yourself too to be notified .
2010-02-16 07:07:26
I noticed a windows report of a muon failure, I was about to restart so I ignored it
It's working fine since and I don't have the extra txt file anymore.
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