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2010-02-17 23:58:28
Linac900Removable3 has reappeared on my latticelist and on the results page, is that supposed to happen or has it gone odd again like it did the other day?
Stephen Brooks
2010-02-18 01:50:25
It's supposed to be like this because [TN]opyrt and friends think they've found a result that's on a different path and beats the previous best.
2010-02-18 08:41:35
We just tested what Tomaz posted in some thread somewhere (that a run ending with a higher Mpts has a bigger chance of ending up with a higher muon % if optimized properly). 

BTW: "and friends" is [TN]Steinrar. 
2010-02-18 17:51:00
I run a similar optimizations since weeks now for the Boinc user.  I put 100 results with the highest Mpts and Stephens samplefile together as samplefile for the Boinc user.
2010-02-18 20:35:16
We've done it a little bit different.  We've been focusing on really small samplefiles (1-4 results) with results with high Mpts where there were no results with equal or higher Mpts among the high muon% results.  Then we let them run for a few days to see if we made any progress.  Then we'd rebuild our samplefiles from the most interresting results (but keeping our result.dat files as we progressed towards higher muon%).  If anyone is interrested, let me know, and I'll explain in more detail. 
2010-02-19 19:30:00
[TA]Silverthorne found an optimization above 3% now!  Brilliant! 
2010-03-13 09:29:49
Seems to of near enough flatelined since.
Stephen Brooks
2010-04-21 15:06:14
I've removed it again now.
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