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[KWSN]Sir Stooper
2010-04-15 05:20:04
Just started muon1 and I know little to nothing about command line stuff.  I understand I can use it to throttle the cpu, but am having trouble getting there.  I also run other DC projects (mostly boinc) and want to run muon1 on only one core (25%).

So, I tried running the command prompt from the start menu (Win 7) and tried entering moun1 -?, but get the "'muon1' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file." And I've tried the 'muon1_cmdline' bat file in my muon folder, but that only starts the application, can't enter anything.

Could somebody give a noob some pointers?
Stephen Brooks
2010-04-16 17:01:23
You've got to be in a DOS box in the same directory as Muon1 to run it from the commandline (unless Muon1's directory is in your "PATH" variable, which is unlikely).  "Run..." will only find programs in certain folders like Windows,system etc.

CPU throttling can be done by editing config.txt, you don't need to use the commandline options for that.
[KWSN]Sir Stooper
2010-04-16 18:50:22
Aha!  Now I just need to get the right ratio.  Could you help me understand what "Threads" refers to.  Is that the number of cores to be used on a multi-core system?  Or something else?

When I throttle CPU down to 25%, it runs muon1 down at about 8 or 9 (according to Task Manager) Maybe I should try Threads=1 and CPU Throttle=100%.
Stephen Brooks
2010-04-19 16:49:01
You should normally set Threads to "auto", then Muon1 will use all the cores it can detect on your system (that includes hyper-threaded cores).
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