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2010-04-19 19:50:35
I recently joined yoyo@home which is currently running muon 1.10 on Boinc 6.10.36 running on Windows 7 x64 and another PC with CP MCE.  Muon mae it to 33.33333% on my Windos 7 machine and now the graphics show that the app is suspended in a message at the bottom of the screensaver screen.  The MCE machine run made it to 66.66666% (strange percentages)and shows the same App Suspended message.  Even when screensaver is disabled no progress is made past these percentages though the app has been running for 27 hours.  I would like to contribute but not if there is a problem.  Please advise.  Lance
2010-04-20 06:02:59
It depends on your Boinc settings.  If you have e.g. configured to not work if the user is active, than you see "suspended" if you are working on your PC and opening the graphics.
The 66% means, that the first part was finished in this work unit.  33% means it is still working on the first part.  There are 2 Muon1 simulations in each Boinc wu. 
If you just run the first muon wus it will take most probably very long to complete them.  Muon performs a simulation and if the result is better than before (which is always the case for your first wu), it reruns it 4 times with slightly different parameters to validate the result.
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