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Stephen Brooks
2010-05-11 17:05:57
I just got this e-mail, which was also sent to half the members of the Oxford particle physics department.

Subj: Universe's Breathing Theories

The Universe is come of greatest-explode, but we can be watched part of half Universe only.  Not whole Universe, Another part of half Universe is Antimatter World, We cannot watch it.  This Antimatter World is a shadow of the Matter World, always follow and superposition for the Matter World, The Matter World is pass white-holes breath-in great energy from the Antimatter World and pass black-holes breath-out great energy to the Antimatter World.

But not always do that.  If the Matter World expand to greatest cubage and lost energy, The Antimatter World will be pass white-holes breath-in great energy from the Matter World and pass black-holes breath-out great energy to the Matter World too.  Whole process is reversion; the white-holes will be change to the black-holes, the black-holes will be change to the white-holes too.

Greatest white-hole like greatest-explode zero point, Is this very powerful greatest energy created world but no one knows this energy come from?  What time this energy will be lost and created world stop expand?  What time Universal Gravitation bigger than the energy of expands for dwindle and finally resume to greatest-explode zero point and change to greatest black-hole?

Middle white-holes(black-holes) like the Milky Way Galaxy's center, Why Galaxy's center has two ways are white-holes or black-holes, We are can be pass astronomical telescope watched to there center, Is this center brightness are white-holes and darkness are black-holes?  Why so many centers belch energy to upside and downside?  Is this The Antimatter World are breath-out?

Small white-holes like the Star(Sun), No one knows the energy of Sun come from too.  Why the Sun's nuclear-fusion not like a hydrogen bomb once explode and once release energy?  The Sun always keep explode and persist release energy more and more.  How much energy in the sun's center?  Is this The Antimatter World are breath-out?  The Sun has different process from young to old are Supernovas, General Stars, White Dwarf Stars, Neutron Stars, Black-Holes, etc.  Why a Neutron Star can be change to a Black-Hole?  Is this The Antimatter World are breath-in?

Thus, all of power celestial bodies can be from white-holes change to black-holes, can be from black-holes change to white-holes.  This is Universe's Breathing.

If you be interested in my theories or cooperate with me, please reversion my e-mail.  Maybe we can write books.

Thank you very much and best regards!

Zhang Jun

11th.May.  2010

Name: Zhang Jun

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