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Stephen Brooks
2010-06-13 23:30:20
I just had a go at visualising the data release from the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey, which has found the redshifts (distances) to galaxies up to quite large distances in certain parts of the sky.

If I convert the redshifts to distances and plot them in 3D, looking down, those parts of the universe look like this:

Note I've used the apparent colours and magnitudes, so you can see the visible redshifts as they get further away (and the far away ones are probably dimmer than reality).  I'm guessing the bright points at the furthest distances are quasars.  Also the colour mapping is (Infrared,Red,Green) to R,G,B, so vaguely like true colour for moderately redshifted galaxies but probably a blueshift for the ones near the centre.  The data file didn't have a blue colour filter channel.
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