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2002-10-07 20:06:10
I put together a Progress Monitor/Logging utility using Java v1.4.0, which can be downloaded from Sun's Java page. The utility acts as a "wrapper" for the Muon1 Windows command-line version v4.21b. It can start, stop, log, and display progress using percent completed.  This is a beta, and has been tested limitedly, so use at your own risk.  I don't know of any real problems currently.  It's functionality can be modified via a config file.  Please get to know some of the options in it as the log file can grow quite large if you set it to log output too often.  Please see MuonControl Homepage for more information and the actual program.

MuonControl starts the Muon1 commandline program from within it, so please end other instances of Muon1 before running it.

Richard Fortson

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