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2010-07-14 23:53:26
We're about to hit the 20 quadrillion milestone, so I for one want to give the project a bit of a publicity boost, and get more people involved.  One of the easiest ways to do that is via Facebook.  Stephen doesn't like facebook, so I've volunteered to set up a page, and try and get things going (I already run the page for Torrentfreak)

This is the link for now -

Stephen's getting me some images and data and stuff tomorrow, so we should be able to expand things and get it rally going before the milestone hits.  However, it needs YOUR support.

Anyone wants me, email's best,

Andrew Norton
2010-07-15 00:05:31
been there since 2008. Not much facebook action. 
2010-07-15 00:41:00
Yeah, that was the group, groups work well for topic discussion, badly for 'things'. Thats why I decided to start the page (used to be 'fan page') which allows more interaction, and promotion/news sorts of thing.
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Stephen Brooks
2010-07-21 18:57:39
6 people on there now, including 2 I don't know.
2010-08-29 20:40:29
Now we're up to 11 fans.
2010-09-12 21:41:23
I'm on there now

Mark D.
Stephen Brooks
2010-10-23 00:26:03
What's this then?

A lower-res version of the same page?
2010-10-23 15:55:05
thats the old group I started about 3 years ago.  Groups are more for discussions than fans though.  The page is much better for this sort of thing.
Stephen Brooks
2010-10-23 16:48:10
Maybe you should post a message on the group to tell them there's a more frequently updated page elsewhere (or even remove the group, unless it's still actively used).
2010-10-24 15:09:23
I did.  Actually, I sent out a message to all (5) members saying that.  Groups can do one of them a week.
Stephen Brooks
2010-10-24 19:05:48
Good, I can't stand people who leave the internet untidy. 
2011-06-05 21:01:31
Ok, as well as the facebook page, you can now follow Muon1 information on twitter

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