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2010-07-16 15:57:15
It finally made it.

Here's the press release
Stephen Brooks
2010-07-16 16:12:15
Thanks for that.  I've made the main Mpts counter on the front page link to it while it still begins with a "20".
2010-07-16 17:38:00
I should also add this little link to my own waffle about it

digg it, slashdot it, etc.  and lets get some publicity for the project!

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2010-07-16 18:53:35
hmm, that dind't work.  Lets try this...

Slashdot this Reddit

Yay, that did, so use those links above to promote the project!
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2010-07-17 12:35:53
Perhaps your announcement was a little premature?

At this instant in time, I see, "Milestone 20 quadrillion in 2.8 days"
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2010-07-17 14:27:43
well if stephen get losing points, it can be even more
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